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Clifford the Big White Ghost

sheetghostClifford Hotel, PA.- With legends and alleged sightings of the paranormal nature, this long standing hotel is listed as one of the top haunted hotels in North America. It is said that there ghosts2are over 30 spirits haunting this place. The spirits of patrons that were brutally murdered by a man that had gone insane in the hotel. Patrons including children. This hotel has a disturbing history surrounding it. Read further about the Clifford Hotel in Clifford, Pennsylvania. 

Many years ago a reported insane man went on a mad rampage and murdered the patrons of the hotel. The number of victims is said to be quite large. Since that time reports and  sightings have not been steering people away from putting their head down on a pillow at the Clifford, but has brought the hotel many curious ghost seeking patrons. Stories of sightings which later become legends, rock the town of Clifford by bringing new tourist and that means more money to the Clifford hotel and surrounding town.

Legend has it that the hotel has a few dozen ghosts that now haunt the bottom floor. This is  the lobby area in the Clifford where the murders supposedly took place. clifford hotel ghostThe voices and whispers of men, women and children can be heard echoing throughout the rafters. These are all believed, according to reports by the sightees, to be 'friendly spirits'.

However, the upstairs of the Clifford may not be so fortunate in their spirits attitude. The guests having claims that there is a very hostile man who doesn’t like anyone to go on that floor and will do anything to detour everyone off of it. This particular ghost is said to be of the insane man himself. Sightings have been made at night that includes the hotel being completely light up and music coming from it, even though the hotel does not have any incidents of doing this kind of activity.

The Clifford Hotel was not the first hotel in Clifford Pennsylvania. The first hotel in Clifford built in 1852 was later burned down 20 some odd years later.

The current Clifford Hotel was then built in 1877 by a man bearing the last name Hessler. It was run by a couple for the next three years, and then taken over by Frank Williams in 1880. The Clifford Hotel continued to change hands many times over the next two decades.

Purchased in 1900 by a man named Walter Spedding, he remained the Cliffords proprietor until 1934. The hotel was passed on to Melvern Spedding in 1934.

The Clifford Hotel still have reports of paranormal activity that continue to this day. But perhaps you can be the judge. Real or not?

Clifford Hotel is open for business and is located at 59 Main St in Clifford, PA, 18413. Phone (570)222-3841.

If you are an owner of a haunted business and would like to have your story told contact us here at What's Hot & On Top. Email us at info@whatshotandontop(dot)com


Books and Info:

Coast to Coast Ghosts; True Stories of Hauntings Across America by Leslie Rule Buy it on Amazon here 

Watch a video on a possible hotel sighting:

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